Hand Protection WODnDONE Preto

The WOD&DONE scrap tapes are the finest form of protection for your hands on the market ... so thin that you seem to be using absolutely nothing! They were created to fill the gap in comfortable functional hand protection during high intensity workouts.

If you've tried other, more voluminous and unsuccessful scams, these "wodndones" are the perfect solution. Apply them before heating, give everything during the WOD and bury them. Next time you'll use some new ones.

Contains: Pack of 5 units.


  • Will not affect grip while protecting hands;
  • Preserves the natural feel of the bar;
  • No grip volume to compromise performance;
  • Feeling of not using anything;
  • Eliminates sore hands after bar work.


  • No seams and perfect fit to your hand;
  • Custom material of high grade kinesiology;
  • High hygienic hand protection;
  • Single-use to prevent sweaty, battered scams;
  • Economic and use of a new set every time you use;
  • Resistant to perspiration and magnesium;
  • Protects more area of ​​the hand than any other scams;
  • Width: 7,5 cm | Length: 23 cm;

Compatible with adults and children.

Since there are no substitutes for your hands, WOD & DONE is your best alternative for more effective and productive workouts.

Recommended for Power Lifters, CrossFit athletes and gymnasts.

Do not rip when you grip!

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Hand Protection WODnDONE Preto

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